r say you need seed capital; hooking up with Mark Cuban would be awesome. Awesome and almost impossible.
The best connections are mutually beneficial. What can you offer Buffett or Cuban? Not much. You may desperately want to connect with the top people in your industry, but the right to connect is not based on want or need. You must earn the right to connect. Find people who can benefit from your knowledge and insight or your connections.
最好的关系是双方能够互惠互利的。你能给巴菲克或者是库班什么呢?没什么吧。 你或许拼命地想要和这些顶尖人士结识, 但是这种结识的权利不是你想要或者是你需要就会有的。 你必须要去争取这种权利。那些能够从你的知识与见解或者人际关系中获利的人们才是正确的选择。
The “status” level of your connections is irrelevant. Al